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New reasons for ecological and climatic disturbances caused by human civilization as well as simple, cheap and pragmatic manners of restoration of the said threats

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Europe

Correspondence: Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Europe, Tel +48 22 729 8053, Email

  • Volume 2 Issue 1
  • Received: July 20, 2016
  • Published: March 06, 2017

I have been permanently interested in reflexotherapy since early 1960s when I was a student at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy of the University of Warsaw. Since 1962 as a member of the Polish Cybernetic Association I have been actively interested in the research on reflexes done by Prof. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, the winner of the Nobel Prize in 1904. I started experimenting with biocybernetics in non-invasive therapeutic processes of psychogenic conditioning and initially it involved rats and task situations. With time and the experience gained I directed further research to man’s personality and psychosomatic disorders in stimulus/response reflexotherapy regarding skin receptors, nerved collagen fibres and the nervous system.

Next, I enriched my own therapeutic experience through numerous biologically active points, including acupuncture ones, which I arranged in biocybernetic algorithms for particular human psychosomatic disorders. In the 1980s at the Neurological Clinic of the Institute of Clinical Medicine of the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw I happened to discover white blotches on human skin, of from 1 mm to 6 mm dimension, with pain hyperesthesia and associate them with my own weakened potentials of the first myelin layer of the nervous system. It was also then that I discovered white sensationless dead algo dystrophic spots of similar dimensions, which I associated with the complete loss of myelin layer.

Own nerve potentials entirely escaped through them into organic chemistry. A sick man was suffering from neuropathy, which was confirmed by electromyography, where the final latency of signals equalled zero. Brain MR Examinations revealed demyelination plaques (French plaque). Next with a special clavic made of surgical steel (Latin clavus=nail) I non-invasively stimulated the whole area of these spots until full hyperaemia and recovery of normal dermal sensation. What turned out? After activation of the hyperaemia, it took two minutes for own interferons to aggregate from the local peripheral blood in the myelin loss as biocybernetic mediators, lipids, complements and other molecular factors, which caused restoration of the full capacity of own nerve potentials, nerve signals as confirmed by EMG clinical examination. And after a daily clavitherapy treatment spanning over a week oligodendrocyte cells was reconstructed in the new myelin layer. It is worth knowing that the demyelisation neuropathy originating from the aetiology of chronic ischaemia, polyneuropathy and any disorders of nerve signal conductivity reveal the earliest pathological changes through increasing itching with irresistible need to scratch, the need to provide extra blood supply for the commencing demyelisation process. Longer ischemic negligence of the myelin layer also brings about pain and functional disorders of the nerve conductivity.

The second valuable finding at the Neurological Clinic was establishment of some malignant papillas, birthmarks and brown spots with melanin/pigment, under which cancerous proteins, markers got aggregated. Cancerous proteins also got aggregated on a mid-tissue basis in the earliest metastases, initially at the level of dermatome and connective tissue in an ideally straight line between these pathological objects. In the stimulation-based diagnosing with clavices (clean toothpicks) on the edge in / the described object and metastatic lines, if the pain and burning sensation occurred only up to 3 seconds, the malignancy and metastasis were at the level of dermatome and connective tissue. In contract, if the pain persisted longer than 3 seconds, the metastases involved deeper endogenous levels. Successive aggregation of proteins/markers caused tight ischemic blockade under/in the said objects and in the metastatic lines. If the blood does not reach the morphological zone annexed by the cancerous proteins/markers, the infusive chemotherapy does not get as far as where pathomorphologically-affected place is. It turned out that the above mentioned non-invasive clavus stimulation of the zones annexed by markers excellently improves blood supply. And antibodies, monocytes, lymphocytes, macrophages and many others are specific killers, which together with the lymphatic system, the blood pH temporarily increased to alkali level by means of a diet and bicarbonate of soda solution effectively damage the activity of candida fungus and the increased level of markers with the contribution of daily clavitherapy treatments. Of course, it is also necessary to rebuild immunological resistance by providing extra blood supply for the neglected cells and tissues of all endogenous levels, stimulating cryogenic points and doing clavitherapy exercises. I am in possession of clinically tested active biological points, which superbly regulate disorders of the first and second lobes of the pituitary gland.

As it is known demyelination and neuron gliomas manifest themselves on the surface skin and connective tissue and should fall within the competences of dermatologists since they make up a lot of nosologic units especially medication resistant. I also have precise inputs for liquidation with your own antibodies the inflammatory condition of lymphatic glands. I possess active biological algorithms, with which I have successfully removed viral hepatitis of A, B, C types for 30 years. Double blood tests after removal of viral hepatitis after 10 days. I also get rid of meningitis, shingles and many other virus infections with my own selective antibodies. My PhD thesis in 1977 in Cracow dealt with biocybernetics in the intended habit development in terms of neuropsychology.

I wrote Clavitherapy textbook in the nineteen eighties. In 1996 I wrote the book Clavitherapy with Clavitherapy Atlas, in which I developed 1100 biocybernetic algorithms for various nosological units. 2004 witnessed professional edition of the book Clavitherapy and Clavitherapy Atlas. At present, I have the fourth edition of Clavitherapy and Clavitherapy Atlas prepared in PDF in Polish but I have no funds to have it published. I have also published numerous texts and some of them have been translated into English by a sworn translator. You should be aware that I have never received any financial support for my clinical research, thus I did it without being paid but having been given the green light by the authorities of the relevant institutes.

I enclose respects and send best regards - Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, the author of the method of molecular biocybernetic clavitherapy and the e-book EDEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY (new reasons for ecological and climatic disturbances caused by human civilisation as well as simple, cheap and pragmatic manners of restoration of the said threats).



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Citation: Barbasiewicz F. New reasons for ecological and climatic disturbances caused by human civilization as well as simple, cheap and pragmatic manners of restoration of the said threats. Author J. 2017;2(1):1‒2.

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