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Letter to Editor

Pain as a miracle gift from nature and a peculiar indication of various medical problems, including malignancies with metastases affecting the nervous system

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

The creator of the method, Europe

Correspondence: Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Europe, Tel +48-22-729-8053, Email

  • Volume 1 Issue 1
  • Received: July 20, 2016
  • Published: July 27, 2016
Letter to editor

Dear Friends, by means of the molecular method of bio cybernetic clavitherapy, the Centre of Clavitherapy – Źródło [“Source”] has been specializing for 25years in a natural way of removing all kinds of pain even those resulting from demyelinising neuropathy or malignancies with metastases affecting the nervous system. In a nutshell, stimulation of human skin receptors in the dermovisceral process(dermal-internal), venous collagenous fibres, active biological points, the afferent nervous system, then the brain(vasomotor streak and the fourth ventricle of brain stem) the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system together with exercises of clavitherapy lead to very good blood supply of cells and tissues on all endogenous levels (dermatome and connective tissue, neurotome, myotome – muscles, sclerotome, periosteum). It refers to distal cells and tissues of all endogenous levels which are clearly ischemic and in a poor condition for a long time.

As we know, in peripheral blood of a healthy organism there are 3million different kinds of molecular endogenous factors and around 10million neurochemical transmitters, neurotransmitters and almost 100thousand various selective antibodies for a number of infections, including the contagious ones and malignancies. Medical problems including pain, a great diagnostic sign, result from reduced local immunity caused by an injury, a local infection, secondary changes e.g. demyelination, pathological paralytic changes being a consequence of cancer, as well as by senile age and lack of health care. Both pain and lesions usually result from disturbance of the balance in amount and quality of molecular endogenous factors, including any hormones, and in particular cortisone produced in adrenal cortex.

There is a simple natural method of momentary anaesthesia by means of endorphin and own opiates (particular opium) but it is not an adjunctive therapy given during first 2-3 treatments of clavitherapy in easing pain. What is the most important in the molecular method of bio cybernetic clavitherapy are precise hyperaemia/blood supply in all endogenous levels of organism, natural detox through particular active biological points, oxygenation, stimulation of adrenal cortex and cryogenic points. What follows next is regulation of own dysfunctional neural potentials because of injuries resulting in ischemic dysfunction, oedemas, infections, secondary changes and even partial demyelination. Regulation of dysfunctional quality of own neural potentials in terminal latency. Actuation of the lost conduction of nerve signals through aggregation of interferon’s (mediators), lipids and other endogenous factors in the brain and in different peripheral nerve fibres until the complete restoration of myelin oligodendrocyte with the confirmation of clinical studies of EMG is achieved. In terms of cancer pain, clavitherapy canalizes blood supply in affected areas of peripheral nerve fibres, as well as in particular brain systems together with removing inflammation of key lymph nodes.

What is performed next is a change in acidity through stimulation of parathyroid glands in increased secretion of the parathyroid calcium ions into peripheral blond, which are extremely effective in increasing calcium absorption in the digestive tract and thereby alkalize pH, where in the high acidity e.g. pH 4-5, in a short time, in the routine procedure we achieve alkalinity of pH 6.5 and the regulation of endogenous homeostasis in accordance with the above described recommendations. Straight after the first 30minute-treatment of clavitherapy, I successfully remove all kinds of pain. Among others phantom pain or even rheumatoid vasculitis. Treatments should be continued for a few days and accompanied by exercises of clavitherapy. You can find more information on the

If you wish to see it in person, I am at your disposal. Prepare 5-10patients with various kinds of pain and my assistants and I will remove the most excruciating kinds of it. Even when the cause of pain is a protuberance or herniated intervertebral disc clearly shaping the dural sac with compression on the core. We accept patients whose hernia obscures vertebral foramen only up to 50%. Each neuron in human and animal organisms has a memory of structure and function which is neurophysiologically operated by it. After 30minutes of non-invasive treatment of clavitherapy, protuberance and hernia constitute a burden on traumatic modelling of the dural sac. And after 7-10 treatments of clavitherapy protuberance and hernia retract without modeling the dural sac. The effectiveness is confirmed with a clinical study of MRI.

" …taking care of the conditions of existence in compliance with universal wisdom of Nature, let us respect any gift of life and be happy also about others’ happiness” - the author’s life motto.



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Citation: Barbasiewicz F. Pain as a miracle gift from nature and a peculiar indication of various medical problems, including malignancies with metastases affecting the nervous system. Author J. 2016;1(1):22.

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