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Conceptual Paper

The earliest cancer diagnosis and their elimination by own antibodies within a few days

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Europe

Correspondence: Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, The creator of the method, Europe, Tel +48-22-729-8053, Email

  • Volume 1 Issue 1
  • Received: July 26, 2016
  • Published: July 26, 2016
Conceptual paper

A special, personal satisfaction obtained from the discovery of the associations in the area of warts, brown spots of itching, pain, irritating the nervous system is a noticeable movement in the early stages of cancer. It shows people that in these areas of local circulation are lost. Cancer markers, cancerigenic /carcinogenic proteins take Places in the Morphological Structures and in the neighborhood, preventing a smooth blood circulation. Therefore, the blood does not contain the appropriate values of endogenous Nutrients and selectively appropriate antibodies, which are able to eliminate problems early infectious like viral, bacteria, fungi, or an excess concentration of markers, carcinogenic proteins. How clavitherapy methods can diagnose metastatic cancer in the earliest development? Please take in your hand between the fingers two well-known clean toothpick and touch 2 mm from the warts, brown spots, etc. Changes to press the skin perpendicularly, non-invasively, with moderate force. If you experience around these lesions, or in a place from a particular distance from the change a strong and pervasive pain or a burning sensation. It means that you are at the risk of malignancy at the earliest stage of development.

Watch around on the skin or painful area from the skin surface 20cm distant, do you observe somewhere in the neighborhood is different papilloma or brown spot skin changes, etc? If the line between the skin lesions at some point crosses the spine, it may be the beginning of the paralysis and the local spinal pain. Please take a sheet of A4 paper and put carefully applied on the longest side edge of the sheet from the pain, so that it an adheres to the configuration of the body surface from the axis of the papilloma in a straight line to another near the papilloma , or brown spots. If you precisely stimulate on the line at the edge of a sheet of paper in turn the between these objects and the pain will linger for permeating from burning strictly in a straight line it means that it is very early onset of metastasis. If you go 1mm to the side of a line between the objects there will not be any pain. Early metastasis is not necessarily merely a dermatome, skin. It may also take place inside the deeper anatomical structures. If the result of the stimulation is burning sensation and pain in the first and second time lasts for about 3 seconds it means that the line runs in the dermatome of metastasis in the skin and connective tissue. Conversely, if the burning and pain revealed only after 2-4 seconds, and lasts longer than 3 seconds it means that the metastasis is located far deeper. Therefore, you need toothpicks to hold the pressure until the cessation of burning and pain. It should be for 5-7 days (2-3 times a day to stimulate around the lesion and carefully in a straight line between those lesions, and then mute the pain in order to induce diligent congestion. This easy method confirms the diagnosis of intramuscular metastasis in a straight line between these skin changes or backbone. Metastasis may have a more complex character may be more numerous among those lesions, skin changes.

Clavitherapy allows establishing effective diagnosis of the disorder at the earliest stages -induced cancer and paralysis of the nervous system caused by these changes. Clavitherapy after careful restoration of circulation allows highly efficient antibodies to eliminate the local concentration of tumor markers (carcinogenic proteins) that this prevents the natural lines of ischemia and allows their own antibodies to appear. And also by stimulation of biologically active zones of the lymphatic system and activation of individual clusters corresponding lymph nodes and via X Cranial nerve to stimulation of the ear edge for the precise activation of the relevant lymphatic system, local lymph nodes responsible are described in detail in the latest edition of the book and atlas of Clavitherapy. Moreover, It Is necessary to eliminate a harmful biogeologic radiation (as water veins, geopathic grid elements, various turbulence, the intensity of electro-magnetic field or infrasound, ultrasound, etc.) at home, school, workplace , breeding farms - more information in the article of prof. dr. Ing Andrew Colic on my website.

Rhetorical question, as confirming my application and Effective countermeasures.

Why Nature located the largest lymph nodes in the respiratory tract, dietary, urinary, and just under the skin we have rich and active plasma, the lymphatic system, and lipids? Well, Because the greatest risk of various harmful chemicals, and threats of infections by virus, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites (in the human body are known to me two readily available meridians of liver biologically active in the area - 13 located at the tip of the free 11 ribs and 3 mm below, and - 14 in a vertical line below the nipple, in the 6th inter-costal space, When Stimulated, three times a day for 3-5 days, the liver activates some sort of toxin that effectively destroys any parasites in the whole body). People in the formulation over the one thousand years have hundreds of very difficult conditions of existential and hygiene and any itch or pain when appeared felt the irresistible need to scratch and even massaging, rubbing, compresses (cooling, heating) . Then the man intuitively very careful induced hyperemia, activating all types of skin receptors, the nervous system, many biologically active acupuncture points, to activate the production of endogenous factors on the subcellular level and sub-molecular biological drivers. The man in the history of the anthropogenic formation activated and developed, evolutionarily a number of endogenous factors, and the lymphatic system, plasma, lymph nodes and various other antibodies. This method has produced excellent entry (clavitherapy) to eliminate any infection, by one’s own antibodies.

By the way of further investigations (deductive), empirical research and experimentation, I conclude that if I stimulate, scheduled skin surface of human body by tools adjusted accordingly and Nerve Fibers in the skin of the head and the body affected by the dysfunction, this will result in a lot of care not only to the level of congestion of endogenous dermatome, skin and connective tissue also at the same time I activate in these zones body immunity. It turns I can also efficiently activate neurotom - the nervous system, myotom - muscles and sclerotom - entire periosteum and the skeletal system, and it makes easy the blood supply of the most distal, infected, neglected, malnourished areas and oxygenate blood in a variety of endogenous factors to combat disturbed physiology of tissues and cells at all endogenous levels.


Children and grown-ups after each accidental physical injury should continue the stimulation (clavitherapy) of the zones several times a day care for careful congestion, it will make a very quick healing by own blood, and enhance the early post-traumatic recovery. Older people feel bore, tired, INSTEAD OF application with aging exercises in erect position they prefer supine positions enhancing ischemia, malnutrition. Oxygenation and detoxification of the body are disturbed. It makes aggravated ischemia of the anatomical structures. Such behavior interferes tissue and cell metabolism, and accelerates the aging process. A classic example of ischemic condition, leading to mastopathy, malignant women breast tumors is a few hours sleep, on one side. Well, in women after about 35years of age, hours of sleep on the one side causes by the pressure of the arm during prolonged sleeping, the daily ischemia of the breast. It causes the successive forward displacement of the shoulders and shoulder joints, collapsing the front side of the chest.

Adverse psychological uncomfortable situations, interpersonal relations etc, the forearms cross the diaphragm, and it makes very clear, shortness of breath. Repeated hours of permanent ischemia of breasts and injuries are the cause of various health hazards and cancer. A Woman Should Be every day, morning and evening perform exercises as advised in clavitherapy (at an open window) and in the morning for 5minutes prophylactic circular massage the nipples by own fingertips to easy their blood supply. The same goes for sleeping on one side and a few hours of ischemic compressions at all levels of endogenous takes place in some anatomical parts of the body. For example, poorly laid head on the pillow, causing bad positioning of the cervical vertebrae and skull base, disrupts the functions of the medulla oblongata, brainstem, cranial nerves, circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, cervical plexus nerves, shoulder joint, making short- term discomfort, numbness of the upper limb. Placing the head on the pillow when sleeping on one side must strike a single line of the head, cervical and thoracic backbone. It all happens because of a few hours deformation of the cervical backbone, ischemia due to compression of the shoulder, requires daily prophylaxis in the form of exercise. Too tight underwear (Bodice too tight, too narrow straps with large nipples cause ischemia of the deltoid and other endogenous structures and some nerve Fibers), and too narrow dressing room used by young ladies who present themselves nicely in tight trousers, but their figure when It comes to them several hours to work in a seated position is a deep ischemia, and repeatedly this behavior without daily exercise leads to a demyelinating neuropathy in the area, and bra straps, below the belt because of the permanent, long hours of ischemia because of too tight pants and corsets, stockings for varicose veins too tight socks, wrong shoes, etc.

Neglected for many hours, humped sitting position with head bowed before the laptop at a desk with office work, reading a book lying on knees with head bowed and permanent lack of exercise cause ischemia of the anterior spinal nerve roots, which also leads to various serious disorders, and deformities (lordosis posture abolishing the cervical and lumbar kyphosis clearly highlights the entire spine). Sitting in a difficult position disturbs the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, and also causes the suppression of the front of the spinal roots; there is a danger of deformation of inter-vertebral discs, formation of hernias etc.

Conditions of ergonomic workstations of dentists who work up to 10hours a day at an angle to the right rotation with left chest elevated and head left to the top to be able to carefully monitor the repair process of the teeth, especially the jaw, makes the passage for years of profound changes deforming the spine and its discs which can be easily removed by clavitherapy in a few days, with confirmation of the MRI. At the same time to the right on many levels of the spine makes permanent ischemia righteous roots and intercostal nerve fibers. The most vulnerable to ischemia and demyelinating neuropathy are roots and nerves that pass between the ribs, controlling physiology of: the liver, pancreas, intestine, kidney and adrenal right gland and also controls the dynamics of skeletal muscle, revealing a nagging pain, and above all the right side of the body. To protect you against serious disorders of these organs (even liver cirrhosis) the dentist should use 10minutes break in every three hours. During which calimat spread on the floor in the office and clavitherapy Perform exercises.

Another ugly habit is to cross the lower limb on the knee of the other leg, it causes pressure on the motor apparatus -ischemic status of the hip trochanter. Also Causes pressure on the quadriceps muscle and ischemia of is attachment up to the patella, popliteal artery leading to ischemia of the leg and foot, accelerating hypotension syndrome (frigid feet prone to athlete's foot) of lower Limbs. If we enable the daily morning and evening planned exercise repeated many times in the supine position as proposed in clavi therapy at open window, and the use of a varied diet four times daily in small quantities with high levels of varied fresh vegetables, as well as daily evening hour of walking, we shall get a wholesome, oxygenated blood, which is the most wonderful human body's own medicine. Full-featured and highly oxygenated blood being distributed daily distal neglected, malnourished cells and tissues facilitated by light movement allows feed at all endogenous levels and enhances a rich nutrient base at sub-cellular level for DNA and RNA by running the optimal endogenous production of all the factors. It maintains a high immune response, physiological and mental fitness in even old age without numbness and pain, in a good mood and with a good memory.

If in morning after a night sleep for example, approximately 5hours lying in bed you feel by touching certain areas of the body cold -this means that there is sympathetic and parasympathetic palsy at lumbar spinal nerve and plexus, and horse tail. In addition to these exercises morning rubbing of the entire surface of the skin and anatomical ischemic structures carefully with fairly hard brush under hot water shower contributes to proper circulation. One should also know about the incredible possibilities of the therapeutic efficacy and osmotic processes of the dermatome, which is called in medicine the "third lung". Use alternately selected and recommended by doctor solutions, some types of Therapeutic salt in the water in a bath of rubbing for 10-15minutes a fairly hard brush for a few days will make the Effective absorption of important micronutrients in various fatque or seriously ill body. Before the bath, please be weighed and after swimming in salt medicated with rubbing across the skin. Please go back to the weight and see that it will arrive about 1kilogram of weight.

You should also be aware that beyond the physical or chemical injuries (including burns and frostbite) there are no skin diseases. Skin diseases are the cause of genetic damage at the pituitary level projecting to the programs of DNA and RNA, and also in deeper layers of the endogenous abnormal connective tissue and dermatome, and an autonomic system, as well as different failures at other endogenous levels, that is the ill organism which requires a holistic bio-cybernetic procedure - more information is placed in the book and atlas of clavitherapy.



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Citation: Barbasiewicz F. The earliest cancer diagnosis and their elimination by own antibodies within a few days. Author J. 2016;1(1):18‒20.

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