Research Article

Sharikov IV


We consider methods for modeling the temperature fields inside a rotary tubular kiln and in the lining of the oven. These models are used for creating a control system that supports the necessary technological parameters and reduces the heat loss through the kiln body to the environment. Two-dimensional modeling of the processes inside the kiln confirms the applicability of a unidimensional model to these processes. A simulation method for selecting a new design for the thermal-insulation elements, ensuring the reduction of the heat loss to the environment, and performing the required thermal processing is implemented using the ANSYS Fluent software package. A new type of insulation element is proposed, which reduces the heat loss from the kiln to the environment and reduces the temperature of the outer surface of the kiln. A system for monitoring the state of the lining using a thermal imager and a control system that ensures the consistency of the lining without stopping the kiln
operation are developed.

Published Date: 21 Jul 2017

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