Case Report

Kholoud Mosaa,Raed Shat,1 Hina Quraishi,1Abdullah Algorashi,1Norah Alqahtani,2

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Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a severe soft tissue infection characterized by rapidly progressing necrosis, involving fascia and subcutaneous tissues  .This  rare  condition  carries  high  mortality  rate  and  require  prompt diagnosis and urgent treatment with radical debridement and antibiotics.
We prescribe a case of 61 years old Chadian male with history of Diabetes Mellitus who presented to emergency of KFHJ. He reported dental infection and swelling related to lower right jaw one week before. Which developing necrosis, ill-defined black border and gas formation in the neck region.
patient  underwent  extensive  debridement  within  24  hours  and  second  debridement after another 24 hours with multiple antibiotics.
The  purpose  of  this  article  is  to  review  the  NF  of  neck  infection secondary to lower third molar tooth infection.
The   surgeon   should   suspect   necrotizing   fasciitis   when   dental abscess is resistance to the conventional therapy. Satisfactory outcomes can be achieved  with  early  diagnosis  and  aggressive  surgical  therapy  in  concert  with  empirical antimicrobial therapy.

Published Date: 05 May 2017

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