Literature Review

Percy Alvarez Cabrera L, Juan Pablo Lagos Lazcano, Yibran Urtubia Medina A

Abstract: Today there is an era of demographic transition, some researchers, such as,1 indicate that this increase on a global scale emerged after the Second World War, product of policies to increase the number of population decimated after the war that was in force. In European countries and in the United States. This increase in birth rate was known as '' baby boom ''. In Chile there was a similar "boom", since the first population count was made (in 1813), the population has increased from 800 thousand inhabitants to 17 million inhabitants in 2010 (INE, 2010). This increase is explained by the beginning of the expansion and consolidation of the public health system in the 1940s, with which the infant mortality rates were reduced, reaching its highest point in the 1960s and then reduced to these days ( National Library of Chile, 2016).

Published Date: 23 May 2018

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