Research Article

Aliyev ZH, Aliyeva K

Abstract: Determination of optimal fertilizer norms under tomato vegetation related to vegetable growing  is  a  very  important  issue.  For  this  purpose, the  influence  of  various  norms of  nitrogen  on  the  background  of  organic  fertilizers  on  the  background  of  the  biometric  data  of  the “Preliminary”  tomato  varieties,  the  total  nitrogen,  phosphorus  and  potassium  content of tomato  bushes  have  been  studied.  Also,  the  biochemical  indicators  of  tomatoes  were studied.  It  has  been  shown  that  no  fertilization  of  the  fertilizers in the fertilizer (10t/ha)+N90P90K90 was observed in the fertilizer, but the tomato  fruit  weight  and  diameter  increased,  and  the nitrates  contained  in  it  did  not  exceed the norm.

Published Date: 20 Apr 2018

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