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Manisha Thakur,1 Arsi Sharm,2 Alka,2 Anjana,2 Archana,2 Asha,2 Banita,2 Deeksha,2 Bandana,2 Kiran,2 Koma,2 Kavita2

Abstract: Background: Hospitals produce waste which is increasing over the years in its amount and type. The hospital waste, in addition to the risk of the patients and personnel who handle them also poses a threat to public health and environment. The absence of proper waste management, lack of awareness about the health hazards from, biomedical wastes, insufficient financial and human resources and poor control of waste disposal are the most critical problems connected with healthcare waste. Therefore, this study has been conducted with an objective to assess the knowledge regarding Bio- Medical waste management among B.Sc and ANM students. Methods: A study was conducted on 60 nursing students of B.Sc nursing1st year and Auxilary Nursing1st year students of VVM Institute of Nursing District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh selected by convenience sampling technique. Knowledge assessed by using a structured questionnaire analysis was done using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: The findings of the study revealed that the mean pre-test knowledge score was 10.43 and mean-post knowledge score was 16.66. It was found that there was a statistically significant association of knowledge with selected socio demographic variables like education, working status, habitat and previous knowledge regarding bio medical waste. Conclusion: Thus the study concluded that in pre-test majority of the students were having average level of knowledge and in post-test majority of the students were having excellent knowledge. Thus, structured teaching programme was found effective to improve the knowledge regarding Bio-Medical waste management among nursing students.

Published Date: 06 Apr 2018

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